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New Question

On the last post, Ireland & England, Kludge left a comment asking this question, “How did, say, the british house of lords, the monarcy, and parliment work together?”  A very good question and one I intend to answer in the next week or so.  Check back and send me nasty emails if I haven’t gotten to it after a while.


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History Rises From the Ashes

Any Questions?It’s been so long since this blog was updated, you probably thought it was history (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk).  Well unluckily for you it is not.  I want to try to get this thing rolling again, but I need your help.  Yes, you wandering Internet citizen.  You’ve exited the Information Superhighway at the cyber equivalent of Podunkville, and like the suspicious townsfolk of smalltown USA I have no intention of letting you leave until I get what I need.  Which in this case is just a historical question you’ve been needing the answer to.  Nothing too painful.  So, any question from any epoch about any person or any event and I’ll do my best to answer it accurately and maybe a little funny as sort of a bonus.  I said maybe.  Don’t hold me to funny.  That’s a lot of pressure.

Alright < deep breath >, I’m ready.  Fire away.

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Any Questions?My first college (junior college) history professor would always end a discussion with today’s title.  And now I pose it to you, the reader.  Any questions?  I promise it won’t take me months to answer like Josh’s did.  Well, I don’t promise, but I’ll try real hard.  So…….?

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