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We’ve Moved

For more history related posts and to have your history questions answered please go to The Blog Formerly Known as Answers to Josh’s Cold War Questions.


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We’ve Moved

For answer’s to more Cold War and other history questions, please go to The Blog Formerly Known as Answers to Josh’s Cold War Questions.

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New and Improved…Maybe


This new blog’s purpose is two fold:  to combine The Halls of History and Answer’s to Josh’s Cold War Questions into one all-inclusive history blog and to serve as a test so I can determine whether or not I want to migrate my other blogs from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger has been frustrating me with it’s inconsistent picture uploading and refusal to format my posts correctly.  I’m sure WordPress has it’s issues too, but I thought I’d try it out for a while.

 As for the history element of this blog, I feel my writing style works best in a more responsive format.  A question is asked, and I reply in kind.  With the abundance of information to be found on the web on any and all topics, it may be a bit superfulous to host a history question and answer blog, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide answers that are informative and at least mildly entertaining.  Plus, readers will get to sample my own ideas and opinions, which is well worth the price of admission.  Also, the reader provided questions saves me the hassle of coming up with an interesting subject myself.  If I am diligent I can probably answer one question a week, maybe more if I have some that are either a. very simple, or b. very interesting.

 So, without further ado, I give thee The Blog Formerly Known as Answer’s to Josh’s Cold War Questions.  All history questions welcome.


If anyone has any ideas for a less wordy title, I’m all ears.

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